30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 24 | From a train, northbound, the young revolutionary foresees a new history by Purvi Shah

September 24, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

From a train, northbound, the young revolutionary foresees a new history


A bent knee as bulwark.


Along a Oaxacan country-


side, homes strangle

hems of hills, stones


jutting from stone. You wanted

to climb from the neighbor’s garden


to a governor’s library – chrysalis

articles of the nation, snake


plans for a new era of security

     & justice, butterfly


pyramid, mark

how bone, agreement


can crumple. This your grandmother

had whispered to your mother

when you were born: forgive fire


for it must reach

its course, even


as woods rebuild from ash, even

as edges of old scrolls char, even


as tomorrow begets a new daughter

who ignites destiny & all that came before.



Known for her sparkly eyeshadow and raucous laughter, Purvi Shah inspires change as a social justice advocate and writer. She is curious about language as dreamwork for love, transformation, and justice. She won the inaugural SONY South Asian Social Service Excellence Award for her leadership fighting violence against women. During the 10th anniversary of 9/11, she directed Together We Are New York, a community-based poetry project to highlight Asian American voices and experiences. In Terrain Tracks (New Rivers Press: 2006), she plumbs migrations and belongings. Her new chaplet, Dark Lip of the Beloved: Sound Your Fiery God-Praise (Belladonna*: 2015), explores women’s devotions, status, and being. Her first play, Light as a Mountain, had a staged reading in 2016 through INKTank, a playwrights residency by Rising Circle Theater Collective. She serves as a contributing editor to Aster(ix) and a board member of The Poetry Project. Discover more @PurviPoets or http://purvipoets.net.



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