August 29, 2012


I am so pleased to bring POEMS into the 2012 political campaign.  

Yes, 30 DAYS HATH SEPTEMBER: another kind of noise seeks to share language that cuts through or away from the very nasty noise of this year’s election. Thirty poets and 30 new poems-a new one each day.   The line up is amazing and builds on the wonderful relationships I’ve found with Black Earth Institute Fellows and   with poets around the planet.  And I know there are others that would love to be part of this, but please if you see a poem that provokes thought or dreams or calls to action, please comment. The more comments shared, the more noise we make, the quieter that other noise becomes.

Medallion from Community Garden, Madison WI visited by BEI  

The line up starting first of September:Richard Cambridge*,Brenda Coultas, Judith Roche*,Kathleen Sweeney*, Patricia Monaghan*, Uche Nduka, Marcella Durand*, Meri Culp, Monica Hand, Mary Swander*, Cornelius Eady,  Jonathan Hobratsch, Tom Montgomery Fate*, Debra Marquart*, Don Yorty, Veronica Golos, Laura Hartmark, Sheila Maldonado, Metta Sáma, Ed Toney, Annie Finch*, Cait Johnson*, Cristina Eisenberg*, Roberta Hill*, Margo Berdeshevsky, Thomas Devaney, Elizabeth Cunningham*, Seamus Cashman*, Erika Jo Brown, and Patricia Spears Jones* & Julie Patton collaboration.

Black Earth Institute is a progressive think tank focusing on the intersection of social justice, the environment and spirituality.  My fellowship with the Institute has brought me important information, new ways of seeing how to address complex issues and ways to engage them artistically.  

Please consider supporting the Institute’s work at www.blackearthinstitute.org.

*designates Black Earth Institute Fellows

the address is https://blackearthinstitute.wordpress.com/

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