30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 8 | TM by Nikia Chaney

September 8, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

As by other. These

people we call

peer.  Your new.

Ideas of y’all. Flat

face. Caricature.

Fair use. Found

imagery. As be

experience. Research

the click

of tongue. Make

pring the holla. As

seem. As tend. Beat

down dance in

layer of line. Less

man than neck. Less arm

than ass. Fetch. Strike

dumb cuff

inhibition. Give

of your organ. Give up

flesh. Flail here

on shelf. Interact. Un

fold. Trust

us. Let us.  Now

do it again. You

think we take

too much?  Look. Look.

This brand new

thang. As

we paint. As you

step. Strum. As

we sell no

explore. As by

us. As is

ours.  As if

still your. As if

still of.




Nikia Chaney is a poet from the Inland Empire of California.  She is author of Sis Fuss (2012, Orange Monkey Publishing) and ladies, please (2012, Dancing Girl Press).  She is founding editor of shufpoetry, an online journal for experimental poetry, and founding editor of Jamii Publishing, a publishing imprint dedicated to fostering community among poets and writers. She has won grants and fellowships from the Barbara Demings Fund for Women, Poets & Writers, Squaw Valley and Cave Canem.  She teaches at San Bernardino Valley College and Chaffey College.


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