30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 33 | Editorial Letter by Patricia Spears Jones with afterword by Michael McDermott

October 5, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

Words matter said the Democrat Party’s candidate at the first television debate.  She said that because her opponent seems to think words only matter when can think of them.  Well yes words matter and the people who make words matter the most are poets and it has been a thrill to bring 30 new poems from 30 poets as a way to intervene with language in this terribly contentious election campaign.

Poets bring intimacy, faith, rage, beauty, mirth and power –the kind of power that energizes and illuminates us and I thank Ann, Soul, Soraya, Veronica, Patricia, Guillermo, Laurie, Nikia, Maureen, Thomas, Scott, Joanna, Shelley, Luviette, Melissa, Anna, Robin, Marilyn, John, Michael, Cait, Todd, Lauren, Purvi, Seamus, Lydia, Elizabeth, Fay, Amanda and Tammy for their poems.

I thank Terrius Harris, a wonderful student at Ole Miss who happens to be an intern for Black Earth Institute who had to post each of the poems and Michael McDermott, co-founder of Black Earth Institute for asking me to do this project again and he brought a great poem from Patricia Monaghan, the late co-founder of Black Earth Institute, who was a great advocate of connecting poetry, political activism and advocacy.  BEI truly supports poets and poetry.


Patricia Spears Jones

Afterword by Michael McDermott

Patricia Spears Jones curated another 30 Days. This time she gathered wonderful poets inspired, frightened or angry about the events in the country and beyond. We had 2400 views on poems with 1001 visitors. This is the second 30 Days with the first preceding the 2012 election with thousands of views there. Patricia took this on and gathered the poets keeping to the daily schedule demands. Her efforts keep poetry timely and pointed. Her work is important and is one way the Black Earth Institute fulfills its mission of addressing spirit, earth and social justice. Thanks Patricia.

One Response to “30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 33 | Editorial Letter by Patricia Spears Jones with afterword by Michael McDermott”

  1. Elizabeth Cunningham Says:

    Thank you, Patricia and everyone!

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