30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 32 | The stress of wild peace by Patricia Spears Jones

October 4, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed GraphicThe stress of wild peace


First it was the broken down weapons

Each piece tag and de-sensitized.

Then the furnace’s high heat as what was

Solid, liquefied.

The plastic blaster toys were replaced

With garden shovels. Indeed, there were

Many gardens and many boys and girls

Digging and seeding and chatting and dreaming.


Then the news that treaties were being honored

Except the Russians who just could not sign—illerates?

But elsewhere, the hospitals were re-staffed.

The schools repopulated—children healthy, their teachers

Looked for different books with new stories, peace stories.

While the weather evolved, measures were taken to sustain nurture

Keeping the food stocks in decent supply.


There were people who could not carry this

Tenderness. Their fingers reached for the gun

Not there. Their minds roamed about in search

Of targets—see that boy, that girl, the one with an

Accent? But the guns were not there.


And so they entered the dark caves of libation

Where the song list played many a murderous ballad

Narcocorridas; old style blues numbers—see that Stagger Lee

And country tunes where someone was left behind bleeding.

Their drinks were always generous and expensive.

There was nothing more to do.


Look at the moon. The stars. Think of global circumnavigation

Those men who brought animals and fabrics and new diseases

In exchange for gold and bodies and spices and rum.


We have come far from the bowels of those tightly made

Ships. We have come to a place where peace is in abundance

And those who would carry us back are mad with grief

For the days when a hand could smash the face of another

A hand could pull a trigger and destroy children in minutes

A hand could tie a noose around one’s on neck,

A foot could kick the stool.


One Response to “30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 32 | The stress of wild peace by Patricia Spears Jones”

  1. Elizabeth Cunningham Says:

    Thank you for this brilliant poem and for bringing us Thirty Days Hath September. Kudos!

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