30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 20 | Freedom Is a Choice by Michael Broder

September 20, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

Freedom Is a Choice


I am with you with him with her

neither do I judge nor condone all deeds

I am with myself and for myself

nor am I sufficient or commensurate to my need

I am with food against hunger but hunger is desire

which engine drives us toward pleasure and the good

I am with a tunic against the burning sun

albeit the sun is heat and light and betimes the eye of God

I am with boots against the rocky path but rock’s the earth

beneath our feet and no way home without a path

I am with blanket against cold but the cold refreshes and quickens me

I am with shelter against rain and light against dark

tho rain is life and I am with the dark when I choose darkness

I am with breath but your choking grip thrills me

I am with truth against lies but tell me you will love me always

I am with beauty but let me grow ugly and old

with so much the greater pleasure to recall my comely youth

I am with wealth as the riches of the earth

for the benefit of livingkind for art for science

I am with power to do well good and right withal

I am with pleasure as a current electric

through mind body and spirit incandescing

I am with gratitude for all kindness bestowed

by god creature land sea or air

I am with air



Michael Broder is the author of the poetry collections Drug and Disease Free (Indolent Books, 2016) and This Life Now (A Midsummer Night’s Press, 2014), a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry. His poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He is the founding publisher of Indolent Books (indolentbooks.com) and the creator of The HIV Here & Now Project (hivhereandnow.com). Friend him on Facebook (Michael H. Broder), follow him on Twitter (@MichaelBroder), and learn more at mbroder.com.


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