30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 9 | El Perdon by Maureen Owen

September 9, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

when we were crazy pretty           light rushed in these

skeleton trees        and there was a goddess    blue as dusk

who seemed to know our name

El Perdon

on bended knee the skeleton

apologizes      to the skeleton

is it too late?

O bony patella          ivory kneecap      hung up

wall side of my morning crunched to tin  to stucco   to


only so far   untied from one another   only so far let go

linked and dangling a circle of sheet ghosts    ringing a



Scoop some water from the valley    as if  cobalt to a shrine

the universe expands  and with it  time is leaving us

our hearing is disappearing          scientists capture

the sound of black holes            colliding

one billion light years away         a fleeting chirp


let the bones talk!     chalky

& fluent evicted from biology riddled

& cranking        flannel & cotton  from coat hooks of shoulders

gravity’s wave has whispered to us!   Let the bones   the desperate bones

the atrocious snoring monochrome bones   the outrageous sneezing penitent bones

apologize    one more time            to each other

then   let’s wave     Let’s wave back   to the gravitational     wave

                                                                                                        Maureen Owen

Maureen Owen, former editor and chief of Telephone Magazine and Telephone Books, is the author of Erosion’s Pull from Coffee House Press, a finalist for the Colorado Book Award and the Balcones Poetry Prize. Her title American Rush: Selected Poems was a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize and her work AE (Amelia Earhart) was a recipient of the prestigious Before Columbus American Book Award. She has taught at Naropa University, both on campus and in the low-residency MFA Creative Writing Program, in Naropa’s Summer Writing Program, and edited Naropa’s on-line zine not enough night through 19 issues. Her newest title Edges of Water is available from Chax Press, chax@theriver.com. She can be found reading her work on the PennSound website.


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