30 Days Hath September 2016 | Day 6 | Checkpoint One by Guillermo Filice Castro

September 6, 2016

BEI 30 Days Proposed Graphic

Checkpoint One

     Get in quick,


     The soldiers



     We giggle,



     out of

     our mouths.


     One takes me

     to the little room

     in the back,


     spreads me



     the thin-thin



     I think of jam,

     I think of cheese.


     It hurts less

     this time


     when he takes a bite.


     The heater

     makes a

     funny noise.


     He’s gunning his hips.


     My friend hangs


     her head from

     the top bunk.


     Springs squeak. She laughs.


     He’s sanding me



     I think of needles,

     pine needles.


     Owls and doves, too.


     I smell the kerosene

     in his



     see the melting face of Jesús

     on the cross.


     It’s the eve of

     Independence Day,


     my fourteenth



     I’ll teach you

     how to shoot



     he says back at the gate,

     like other times.


     But I want to kill off



     and all the beasts

     they hold inside.


Born and raised in Argentina, Guillermo Filice Castro is a poet and photographer. He’s the author of a chapbook, Agua, Fuego (Finishing Line Press, 2015) and a recipient of an ESB fellowship from the Poetry Project. Most recently his poems appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, The Minetta Review, and The New Verse News. Some of his images can be viewed in The Tishman Review, on the #wordswelivein Project, and Hinchas de Poesia. The piece featured on this blog is from a series of works inspired by his service in the Argentine army in the early 1980’s.


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