Robert Lewis Dear may indeed be a crazy, loner white guy but who directed him to Planned Parenthood?

November 30, 2015


Robert Lewis Dear, the terrorist who killed three and wounded nine at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, cannot be associated with specific anti-abortion groups at present. How are we then to answer the question of why shoot up and murder at Planned Parenthood?

Dear is being portrayed as a loner who lived without electricity; shot a neighbor’s dog, leered at women through bushes and wouldn’t look people in the eye. In Colorado he lived alone in a trailer and is reported to have little contact with people. The anti-abortion group that pickets and obstructs the PP clinic denies knowing or ever seeing him.

It is often the case that shooters like the ones in Minneapolis or Charleston, South Carolina are identified as relating to right wing militia or white supremacist organizations or websites. So far that is not reported for Dear so what is another explanation?

The implication for motivation in the PP shooting may be concerning in a different and in some ways even are more worrisome way. Dear is surely a bitter loner however there have been reports of his distributing material blaming Obama for ruining the nation and other reports of him speaking with hostility parroting extremest right wing positions.

In his supposed rambling statements after arrest and from witnesses at the scene he is reported to have said the his actions would end the selling of baby parts, a clear reflection of recent propaganda falsely characterizing PP activities. So if he wasn’t associated with known anti-abortion groups or sites where did he get his motivation and direction?

He got his inspiration and focus not from one place but from the poisonous and violent endless evil pouring our from Fox News, Republican candidates and the relentless and opportunist media war waged by so many right wing voices. This is the reality, the poison spewed out about women, race, false patriotism, Obamacare and all the other issues they are so fond of creates a world where losers like Robert Lewis Dear can find not meaning but an avenue for their just under the surface waiting to explode violence.

It is right wing propaganda and the evil atmosphere it creates killed the people in Colorado Springs as much as Robert Lewis Dear did. Poison creates violence, death and hatred.

Don’t look deeper for the weirdness in Dear, look at Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. Look at Fox News, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the list goes on. These are the murderers.


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