Police and White Supremacists

November 25, 2015

Minneapolis and Chicago. One city where the cops stood by when white supremacists shot 5 at the camp of Black Lives Matter activists responding to the police killing of unarmed Jamar Clark and the other where the execution of Laquan McDonald by a known brutal cop was finally addressed after a year long cover up. The cop, Jason Van Dyke, was indicted for first degree murder hours before the release of the video showing the cold blooded execution of McDonald. McDonald is shown in the video walking away from the police when Van Dyke shot him 14 times in a few seconds. The shots came from more than 10 feet away and at no time did McDonald make any moves toward the police.

Minneapolis. White supremacists had been trolling for days at the Black Lives Matter encampment. A video of such scum had been posted on a 4chan site days before of 2 men in a car making racist insults and waving a weapon. The men in the video are known and yet nothing was done until one was arrested (and released) after the shooting. It is obvious from the video of two masked cowards and other postings on the site that there were numerous other white supremacists active in words and even deeds as it turned out.

The FBI has concluded that home grown white supremacists and neo-nazi types are the main threat of terrorism in this country. Yet all we hear about from candidates is how we should fear and prohibit refugees fleeing from war and famine. How many local or state police intelligence units are focused on the right wing  terrorists? How much police action is directed at the gun carrying wanna be defenders of the white race? Minnesota had open carry madness but those carrying must have their permit on them. The police stop cars for driving while Black but they give a pass to armed terrorists. Some police no doubt are in cahoots with these evil doers but still the practice of live and let live hangs heavy around the necks of cops in the whole country.

Chicago: the execution of Laquan McDonald was captured on a CPD dashboard camera and showed clearly that McDonald was no threat and was brutally shot. The Chicago authorities knew this within hours of the murder and yet nothing but lies and denials were the order of the day for over a year! The police union, in spite of the evidence of the video, were complicit in the killing by stating the McDonald “lunged” at Van Dyke and the city went along. How about charging the head of the police union with aiding and abetting a murder with these lies? Within weeks of the murder the city  paid the family 5.2 million dollars still claiming that McDonald was the culprit.  Only after much effort to get the video released was action taken.

Police and white supremacists, an alliance or just business as usual, we will not know in-spite  of the fact  that there is smoke and smoke while fire is denied.

A new movement on campuses and communities is calling out the racism rampant in our country and we can count on violent resistance from fearful and cowardly forces who want to hang on to privilege and the past. They will not succeed but how many will die to defeat them will be tragic.

Stand with Black Lives Matter and demands for campus justice and expose police and fascist terrorists.








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