Hath September | Day 20 | Convention | Ed Toney

September 20, 2012


Ponder, wonder and decision
rides the crisp wrinkle
of a early falling September leaf
slow color-changes, dead-yellow
pumpkin orange, African American
and deep scarlet, creased
un-washed, un-scathed
over the red, white and Blues.
Maroon scars under the new cement
and framework at ground zero
heavy brows, black garb
veils and prayers at the Temple
some ponder, too close.

And there on the tail of summer’s
farewell, a storm, anger grips
humidity and temper tantrums.
Our skin frail, like recycled paper bag
of dying leaves wanting the
healthy green hope, revival of spring.
We bare our minds nakedness
like the subtle hues of autumn
then the coldness of November
scares the bones, weakens the spine
to still question, wonder
and ponder necessary decision.


Ed Toney is a Brooklyn poet, who is a member
of Cheryl Boyce-Taylor’s HOT POETS COLLECTIVE.
He is also a writer and chemist, and Cave Canem
Workshop participant who is working on his manuscript
“In the Nicks of the Tongue”.


One Response to “Hath September | Day 20 | Convention | Ed Toney”

  1. JP Howard Says:

    Ed Toney thank you for this powerful poem! The autumn nature imagery contrasted with the political imagery throughout is incredibly effective. The repetition at the beginning and ending of this poem gives it a strong continuity. Much thanks!

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