Hath September | Day 14 | Pre-Existing Conditions | Debra Marquart

September 14, 2012

To read Debra Marquart’s poem, click HERE.


Debra Marquart is author of three poetry collections

including Small, Buried Things, forthcoming from New

Rivers Press; the short story collection, The Hunger Bone:

Rock & Roll Stories and an award winning memoir The

Horizontal World: Growing Up Wild in the Middle of

Nowhere. A Fellow of the Black Earth Institute, she is

a professor of English and the Director of the MFA

Program in Creative Writing and Environment at

Iowa State University.


5 Responses to “Hath September | Day 14 | Pre-Existing Conditions | Debra Marquart”

  1. Elizabeth Cunningham Says:

    Thank you for this poem. Powerful, beautiful, true, heartbreaking. I

  2. I learned of the Black Earth Institute through my affiliation with the Stonecoast Low-Residency MFA Program at the University of Southern Maine where I teach nonfiction.

    I’m grateful to the communities of writers to which I belong–BEI, Stonecoast, ISU. I’m so honored to have been included in this important series. Thank you, Patricia Spears Jones, for all your hard work!

  3. ProfDMalone Says:

    This poem made groan out loud. Careful, haunting, true. I will be thinking about this all day. Thanks for sharing Patricia.

  4. I’m so sorry, Deborah. Thanks for weaving this into a cautionary tale, so beautiful, hearbreaking, and heartwarming, and for pointing out in such a gentle, but powerful way, the contradictions and failings of the country in which we live.

  5. Thanks Deb for writing this about our sister. I am angry at politicians who forget they are representing real people as they hold their party line…regardless of the cost. And the cost NOBODY speaks about is the cost of poor health, lost productive time and forever-changed and lost potential—probably because nobody can count that high.

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